Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Wednesday wants pt.1

This is more like a Wednesday lust list..If i could save up the money then these would be the items I would buy and hopefully by the end of 2011 I may have one or two of them!

1. Alexander McQueen Black Skull Tassel Key Ring I absolutely love this, it may be my favourite of the items..I can just imagine it hanging with my keys in my car when I can (finally) drive! But at $275.00 for a Keyring I think I'll have to wait until I marry a millionaire..

2. Ray Ban Clubmasters in Ebony/Arista with Green lenses, these are a slight bit more affordable! I don't know the exact price of these but I've seen them in Westfield & they're not too bad! I would really like them for my holiday with my best friend in June but with my driving lessons and various other things I'll be lucky!

3. Topshop's Rust Shawl Collar Tux Blazer is something I can see myself buying in the near future (like, this weekend?!) I've not got a proper boyfriend blazer and I've seen quite a few posts with them in so I think it's time I gave in and got one! I really think it's an investment buy..I've been in and tried it on a couple of times and even tweeted it!

4. So, basically I've wanted a Quilted Barbour since forever, I can't actually see myself getting one because when it comes down to it it's either not the right time, too expensive, not the right fit, etc, etc.. but I do love them! My best friends got one & I always wear it so why would I get one when I can just wear hers?! ;)

5. I've had my Blackberry for nearly 2 years now, it's that old they've even discontinued it so that means my contracts nearly up (yaayy!) and I will (hopefully) be getting an Iphone 4, I've already got an Ipod touch and it is so much better than my Blackberry! All I really use my BB for is texting, calling, Facebook & Twitter and even then it doesn't work 100% of the time..


  1. I'm having the same thoughts about getting an iPhone! Had my blackberry for like 2 years now, it breaks all the time, but my contract is so cheap now! What to do, what to do...
    If you've been in and tried it on a couple of times then ou should definitely go and buy the blazer before it's out of stock and u regret not getting it :( x

  2. That keyring is tdf!!!! I really love it!
    And you must get an iPhone 4 -they are sooo good. I started off with an iTouch too and had to the iPhone! I'm officially hooked.
    Zoe x
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  3. That blazer and those sunnies would look great together.


  4. <3 the blazer :)
    izzy xx

  5. I LOVE the key ring!

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  6. Ooh lovely picks, I especially love that blazer! xo

  7. i love love love the sunnies!!! they are amazing! :)

  8. Love the quilted Barbour, I'd love one too but I have a nice enough quilted jacket from ASOS. I really want the waxy original Barbour =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  9. I so need that key ring + everything else on your list. Although I already have an iPhone 4 and you seriously need to get one! I don't actually know how I lived without it! xx

  10. i reeallly wannt a quilted jacket :) xx


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