Sunday, 20 February 2011


Hiya everyone! Hope you're all doing okay and enjoying LFW, Some great shows going on atm.

Whenever I do one of these posts my picture always seems to be from Photobooth on my mac not my camera, I'm not too sure why, Probably the size of it but anyways..this picture is infact from yesterday as you can see my leopard blouse there. Only because if I showed a picture of me right now you would all probably run, screaming from my blog never to return again as I am SOSOSO tired! I look like a total ghost. I've been pretty exhausted recently and the impulsive/spur of the moment road trip to London yesterday at 11pm did no help at all! we didn't get back home 'till 3am, need I say more..

This week I handed in a job application at Kurt Geiger (fingers crossed!) I could really do with this job as I need money so much right now it's not even funny. I'm going to be able to drive soon so I need to buy and run a car and don't even get me started on insurance! I'm going on holiday with my BFF and various other things. One annoying thing about getting a new job is they always say "previous retail skills are needed" well what if you don't have any?! where the hell are you meant to start but whatever..

Oh and I am TOTALLY excited for the bloggers meet up in Sheff next month after Olivia has been getting me all excited! woo woo, If you live anywhere near Sheffield/East midlands you should really think about going, It's going to be a lovely and an amazing opportunity to meet everyone! If you want details just check out Lauren's blog posts here and here.

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  1. Such a lovely photo of you Lucy! Got my fingers crossed for you with Kurt Geiger, that would be such an amazing position (: I'm sad that I'm much too far from Sheffield to even consider being able to attend, would be so nice to meet everyone there! xxx

  2. Thankyou Michelle, you're such a babe! aw I know :( Well hopefully there will be another time and place to meet, would be lovely to meet you!
    p.s. I love your post about the look show! xo

  3. Can I just say that your hair looks amazinggggggg, I don't know why I haven't seen it before now but it really suits you! Good luck on the job front, finding a job is v stressful, ha. I was tempted by the blogger meet up but think I'm leaning more towards the Bristol one...! x

  4. Hi,
    In this pic you're very pretty! What ghost! Your hair looks amazing! Good luck for getting the place at Kurt Geiger...And yes, I totally agree with you that it really sucks when they ask for previous skills or experience!!

    jos xx

  5. Thanks for the blog lurrrve!
    I used to go to uni in sheffield so I was going to tag along to the blog meet up there and try and disguise my southern accent, but the bloomin' train ticket is far too 'spensive :(
    good luck with KG, I'd be broke as a joke if I worked there! Like you said, you've gotta start somewhere and in retail you learn so quickly on the job that previous experience doesnt really matter.
    your hair looks fab yet again.god dammit.;)

  6. hehee It's okay! I love your new header! aw noo :( it would have been lovely to meet you, luckily mines only £8.80 return! phew..
    haha I know I'd probably end up with less money than I started with if I got the job but hopefully all will go well! hee thanks chicken! xx

  7. aw, thanks, Im trying to get it so it fills the space at the top of the screen but i cant doooo itttt!
    i know, i so wanted to go, was gunna stay with some friends but the tickets so dear! I do a wicked sheffield accent, nobody would know the difference!

  8. would you mind if i stole your hair next time I go get it cut?! it's so nice!

    Emma x


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