Saturday, 26 February 2011

Good things come in small packages

A couple of weeks ago I entered Gee's (of Sock Monkey & Gee) favourite little things giveaway! The person who won prize #1 won this..

and prize winner #2 (me!!) won this..

Both prizes are lovely, don't you think?! So I won a gorgeous pair of earrings, an adjustable ring and a pair of dark grey over the knee socks. The only problem is I don't know how to wear over the knee socks! I've had a quick look on lookbook but none of the outfits are quite my style :( so if anybody knows any ways how to wear them or any OOTD's some lovely ladies have done it would be very much appreciated! Gee also sent a lovely card hoping that I like my gift (which I do very much!) and to have a lovely day..

Well something else rather exciting has happened today too! My poor pony Trigger had to be put down last week as he was poorley and wasn't getting any better :( leaving a very lonely Norman behind! so the lady at the vets said she had a little pony she was looking after for a friend that she had for her daughter, but it turned out her daughters allergic! So offered if we would like to look after him, he's a cute little grey pony called Skye. He arrived this morning to a very delighted Norman and they're already chasing each other around the field and making friends! So something good really does come from something bad..


  1. Hi there,
    first of all congrats for winning that awesome giveaway!! I totally love the high knee socks and I don't know how much i have bought this season!! I'm not an expert but my humble advise is to wear them like this: light shorts, black tights and then the socks over them. Or you can wear a short dress and then the socks. I think this is the best way to wear them!
    You can check this out:
    I did a post about it, there are celebrity photos, maybe they can give you some inspiration!!

    have a nice weekend,
    jos xx

  2. aw thanks doll! I'll be sure to check your post out :) xo

  3. i am so sorry to hear about your loss. :(
    but so glad to hear that Norman has another friend now.

    also..i am SO HAPPY you got your package safely...
    & that you love everything.<3<3<3
    knee socks can be a bit tricky sometimes..
    but i love to wear them with shorter dresses.
    have a wonderful weekend love.

  4. @aliceandbeauty I've always wanted to know how to pull the "over the knee" sock look too! My boyfriend just got back from being in China for 6 months and he always raved about all the girls wearing that style and how I should try it. Congrats on winning the lovely prizes too :)

    @jos xx your blog is my next stop!

  5. You so lucky winning two prizes ive never won anything. They are lovely too xx

  6. aw, yay about the pony-sitting!poor norman,have you been giving him extra carrots? i'd be so tempted to have him in the house if he was lonely.why do horses and ponies and donkies have such sad sad faces? they make you feel so guilty!xx

  7. You've got a brilliant blog, I'm following!

    Would love you to enter my amazing giveaway!


  8. Ah so lucky in winning these goodies! I've never had any luck with stuff like that, so majorly jealous! Loving the blog too :) xxo

  9. Just discovered your blog via dasiybutter!
    I love everything about it, and I seriously want your hair lol!
    I'm sorry to hear about your pony, my dog passed away last week and it really does break your heart!
    I recently got into the whole over the knee sock craze...I normaly wear it with floaty dresses, I put a pic up in this post if you wanna have a look to see how I wear them..


  10. Just found your blog through daisybutter and am definitely following.....Love it!!

    Congrats on winning the giveaway. So sorry to hear about your pony :-( but how lovely that you have another pony to look after :-) xx

  11. Congrats on your win! the earrings are adorable!

  12. Congrats on the giveaway, loving your blog! I love over the knee socks on other people but never know how to wear them myself

  13. Wow amaze prize, I just won a giveaway too :)
    I followed, I might do a post on how to wear knee high socks :)
    Izzy x

  14. ongrats for winning - love the earrings!! xx

  15. I just found this OOTD post by jenny from the block where she wears over the knee socks with tights, or at least I think they are socks. I though it looked amazing. I wouldn't be able to pull it off but maybe you could.

    I hope this helps.

  16. I love receiving cute things like these in the post!

  17. Congrats! The earrings are too cute

  18. I love getting packages in the post full of goodies! You got some great stuff!

  19. heyhey girl!!! you have a great blog, i follow you now <3333

    lots of love :)

  20. Congrats on winning - lots of cool prizes in there! I love getting fun things in the post, best start to the day! x

  21. those bow earrings are so sweet!

    also, i just wanted to say that i've just discovered your blog and i really like it, definitely going to be keeping up to date with your posts :)

    from helen @ thelovecatsINC


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