Saturday, 12 February 2011

Top 10 beauty tips..

These are a few beauty tips I've learned over the years (mainly from college!) they aren't in any order just some things that you can do if you have the time! If you have any please feel free to comment & let me and everybody else know, if you want me to answer any questions don't be afraid to ask!

1. before going to bed apply a little vaseline to your lashes, it's packed with nourishing oils and will help them grow & become nice and will only need about a pea sized amount for both lashes (but don't get it in your eyes as it will make them sore/watery)

2. exfoliate twice a week, people say exfoliate 1-2 times a week but twice is best for keeping your skin looking fresh & radiant! You don't need to exfoliate any more than this unless advised to do so as it will over stimulate your skin (especially on your face) and make the condition worse wether you're oily skinned or dryer.

3. apply a little cuticle oil/cream or anything like that to your cuticle and nails before going to bed, it will keep your cuticles nice and soft and help nail growth because of the nourishment of the oil/cream!

4. moisturise as much as possible! Nobody likes having dry, rough skin do they?! It will put moisture back into your skin it looses through the day and help it become more elasticated (good for places your prone to get stretch marks, inner thigh, tums, boobs!) "prevention is better than cure" in this case ladies!

5. circle your body with a soft bristled body brush, especially cellulite prone places (thighs, bums, tums) it will break down the fatty tissues and help that pesky cellulite to jog on! As for the rest of your body it will increase circulation and nourish your skin & muscles (a bit like a massage but not as intense) - Samantha has a good post about it here.

6. drink plenty of water! I know this one is as ancient as I care to remember but it does help, your skin will look brighter, it will flush out any toxins of doing the above tip, you will feel healthier and not de-hydrated.

7. cleanse your face four, yes four times a day! twice in the morning and twice at night, followed by toning and moisturising. Cleansing your face once in the morning and once at night just doesn't cut it anymore. it doesn't get all the dirt and makeup out of your pores and can cause you to break out and get blackheads - not the best look at all! And makeup wipes are not an acceptable cleanser either, sorry girls! They're more for the nights when you come crawling in from a night on the town and haven't got the time to do a full on beauty regime!

8. Leading on to..take your makeup off EVERY NIGHT! not only will it block your pores and not allow your skin to breath if you leave it on - every time you leave your makeup on over night you will age 7 days! Sad but true I'm afraid..

9. Disaster strikes, your favourite nail polish that has now been discontinued has gone, god forbid, gloopy. The worst thing ever! Well have no fear..add a few drops of nail polish remover to the bottle and give it a good shake (like a polaroid picture) and voila - it's lovely and thin again! To avoid it going gloopy in the first place you can always keep them in the fridge.

10. SLEEP! We all love our beds so why don't we use them more?! Sleep gives your brain a chance to store information you've gathered throughout the day, it gives your body a chance to rest, it nourishes our whole body - did you know our hair & nails grow up to 10 times faster while we're sleeping!? Sleep is when the body does it's best 'repair work' too - so catch up on your blog reading and tweeting tomorrow and get some well deserved zzz's!


  1. Fab post hun, some really good tips! I really need to start putting Vaseline on my lashes, I always forget! And I definitely slack when it comes to drinking water! xx

  2. Loved these tips Lucy (: I know I should follow more of these but of these, I only religiously follow cleansing my face and taking my make-up off, and the sleep tip! Definitely going to start putting Vaseline on my eyelashes before I sleep! xo

  3. amen to that! i can't imagine why people WOULD'NT take their makeup off at night, my flatmate used to always have makeup on, she'd never wash her face or even take her makeup off, she'd just layer it over the old stuff! blergh! great tips luce, love to see you do more, like eyebrow specific ones, or hair specific ones, coz you certainly seem to know your shiz girlie! x

  4. thankyou, thankyou, thankyou :) aw yeah I will think of some to do Katie! xo

  5. ahhh i should really start following some..(cough all) of these :] xx

  6. Love this post, really good tips. Will deff try some out! Why hasn't my college talked about any of these to us?! xxx


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