Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Little Fille, little girl, big smile!

You may or may not know that I won the Little Fille competition I entered, I won one of their gorgeous headbands (which I got to choose myself, I felt like a kid in an online candy shop!) From their wonderful selection I chose the Jackie headband which as you can see is a pair of white earmuffs joined together by a piece of silky cord & gorgeous crystals, with a piece of thick elastic underneath.

I was amazed at how quickly they came as you will know if you have me on twitter & seen my pictures we've had about 2 feet of snow in Derbyshire. My mum actually walked to the sorting office to collect our post and to my delight my little golden package was amongst our back logged post!

As it's my birthday on friday they came as a bit of an early birthday present (just in time for going out in the snow to make some snow people!) so my ears didn't get cold at all, they also act as ear pluggs when you don't want to hear all of the screeching children, hah!

So if I were you my lovely followers I would get yourself on their website and grab yourself a pair of muffs or a lovely hand-made headband before they're gone! As now they're stocking in the Oxford Circus Topshop (they deserve it, too!) You can also find the lovely Mari on twitter or on her Little Fille blog!


  1. Gorgeous! I still can't decide between Carmen, Alice and Blanche! Ahhh! xx

  2. Ooh noo you silly sausage! haha :)
    you better make your mind up soon so you have it for christmas :D I can see why you're talking to long to decide though! xo

  3. Oh gosh, that is the cutest piece ever! My sister would absolutely love that... Sneaky order maaay have to be made tonight! You look lovely miss (:

  4. Oh goodness, it looks gorgeous on you! Hope it fits well! If you find the rhinestones aren't staying up, you can always flip them to go on the top of the rope. Looks absolutely beautiful the way you have them on though!

    Thank you for posting so fast, and for such a lovely post



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