Tuesday, 14 December 2010

It's a dogs life..

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Stuck on what present to get your pooch this christmas?!
Well heres your help-at-hand guide wether you have £30 to spend or £3 theres something for everyone!

The first thing on my list is the Bubba Rose Organic dog biscuit cookbook kit, I've got this myself & have made a few recipes for my Poppy Puppy & I would definitely recommend it! It comes in at £4.85 off Amazon, but, I've heard of the great vine (twitter) that a few people are having some trouble with Amazon at the moment so you might want to check the delivery options before ordering.
This Spray Flowers dog bed comes in at £28 from Cath Kidson and comes in three sizes. It can either be ordered over the internet or by post if you have the catalogue, if you would like a catalogue just visit the website and enter your details!
My favourite of all has to be this Waxed cotton dog coat from Barbour and has a price tag to match at £29.95 I absolutely love this! Not only because it would match my Vintage Barbour but if my Poppy was wearing this she would be the most fashionable pup on the block!
You could get your little friend a bog standard chew-tow but why not get this Ruff & Tuff Puppy Treat Ball?! It's just £3 from Pets at Home and will distract your doggy while you're trying to cook the christmas dinner! (If it doesn't get more enjoyment out of the wrapping paper!)
Haven't got a pup to cuddle up to this christmas?! well these gorgeous dogs at the Dogs Trust haven't got anybody to cuddle up to them either. So a donation to the Dogs trust would be so much appreciated by all the workers and most importantly the thousands of dogs that have been left by their owners to find their own way this christmas. All the details can be found on their website, how ever little your donation.
The next gift is more for the dogs best friend than the dog it's self, This beautiful Vintage Look Dog Silk Scarf from Topshop Is very much in fashion and comes in at £23!
If your dog, like mine has to have a bath every week due to the winter weather then this Happytails Fur Breeze Aromatic Spa Mist for Dogs could be just the trick! On Amazon it costs £7.99 and will stop your smelly doggy leaving its smelly smells around your house (does nothing for mucky paws mind!) you can spray it on their bed to make them smell lovely and clean again!
Finally, this Brown Leather Diamante Collar from Urban Pup will make you as eager as they are to take them on a walk, just so you can show off their glitzy new collar! It costs £12.99 and can be brought online.
I hope your hound has a happy holiday and enjoys their gifts as much as getting under your feet!


  1. THAT COLLAR IS AMAZING. Beigel will look scrumptious in it! I have already got him a red collar though.. wonder if he can follow in my footsteps and have lots of stuff he doesn't need! x


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