Wednesday, 22 December 2010

D.I.Y: handmade tags

After I saw Michelle's post about making her own christmas gift tags (such a clever little bunny!) I just HAD to have a go!
Hers were so gorgeous (and yes I know, minus a few tweaks mine are very similar) I used the same Text, tag shape and the same stamping technique as her. And I know if these tags were an essay I would have been caught out for plagiarism, but, they're not. And I'm sure with a lot of dedication going to Michelle she won't mind 'cause she seems so lovely!

Firstly I went to the local garden centre which has a craft corner in I picked up the following:
Card (It's a cream colour but the lighting was really bad, sorry!)
A stamp (christmas tree shape)
An ink pad
Little self-adhesive gems
A single hole punch
A glue gun (you could just use PVA if I'm honest!)
A pair of scissors

So heres how:
- I designed the shape and text* on Pages on my Macbook.
- Print the design onto the card & cut into shape with some scissors.
- Print your chosen stamp shape using the stamp & ink pad.
- Glue the ribbon around the bottom of the tags (mines all the way round)
- Punch a hole in the top of the card.
- Thread some more ribbon through the hole.
- Stick the little gems to the top of the tree.
*The two texts are called 'Caviar Dreams' and 'Pea Anna Banana'

& Voila! You have your very own hand made tags that you made for minimal costs that you would pay a fortune for anywhere else!
hmm..maybe me & Michelle should go into business?! hah.


  1. Eee it's so cool to see this somewhere other than my blog! Love the look of your card that you used (: xx

  2. Love your blog!

  3. ok your bang a rangs with your eyes is absolutely flawless!

  4. great idea!
    merry christmas!


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