Saturday, 25 December 2010

Bloggers secret santa..

At the end of November/beginning of December I saw on Twitter that Rhianna was organising a bloggers secret santa, what a fab idea! So I sent her my info, likes, dislikes etc. I was rather stuck on this as I didn't really know what I liked as strange as that sounds.
But to my surprise my secret santa (Jess from Draw The Stars) knew exactly what to get an indecisive, vague blogger like me! & she got it spot on may I add..I received my little parcel a week before christmas & just HAD to open it so I had time to write a blog post ready for it to be posted on time (not because I'm nosey & impatient in the slightest)
Well, the chocolate reindeer got gobbled up about 5 minutes after these photos were taken (R.I.P baby reindeer!)
The BarryM nail polish in Mushroom is on my nails as we speak - or I speak (ramble), you read..It's a gorgeous colour & we simply MUST be telepathical as I saw Gem's comment on twitter about mushroom coloured nail polish earlier in the week and was debating wether to get some myself.
& as for the necklace! It is B-e-a-utiful, I don't usually wear necklaces as I've never bothered to buy one that I'd want to wear and all the necklaces I do have are long ones but this one is absolutely lovely!

So a BIG thank you to Jess! I'm made up with my present, I love it. (You are my new favourite person, hehee)
You can find this lovely girly on Twitter & on her Blog!

I find it so lovely & restores my faith in people when somebody completely random (not saying you're random or anything Jess, hah!) would offer to send a gift to somebody who is a complete stranger to them. I'm so glad I started blogging & have found some lovely people along the way. In my opinion bloggers are the nicest!

I hope everyone's had a wonderful christmas day & have had a brilliant time with all your family and friends.


  1. What gorgeous gifts! Lucy from Grazedknee's got me gorgeous gifts. Arent we lucky!

  2. Aw, what a lovely present! I agree about the blogger thing, everyone I know through starting my blog has been SO lovely. I was extremely pleased with my secret santa gift too! :)

    Hope you had a lovely day. xx

  3. I took part too, I agree that it's lovely that someone takes time to find a present so well suited to you and put so much effort in to making a stranger happy.
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas

  4. Such a cute present and awesome idea!

    Miss Neira


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