Tuesday, 4 January 2011


 I know I haven't blogged in a while (since christmas) and I know these lookbooks have been doing their rounds but I've had a couple in mind and need to get them out! So here we go..

1, 2, 3.
Last year (it feels so weird saying that) I wasn't really too interested in Primark, partly because my local Primark is rubbish and partly because their trends haven't really pulled me in. But this year is looking a little more hopeful. I quite like the Belted Chiffon Shirt Dress £15 (1) the Stripe and Pocket Holdall £6 (2) and the Lace Up Wedges £12 (3) as I'm going on my first holiday with my boyfriend to his mum & dads apartment (aww!) and they would be perfect holiday picks.

I don't usually like buying the bags as within a matter of days everybody has them but as I'll be in a whole other country it will be a fab choice! I absolutely LOVE the Belted Chiffon Shirt Dress £15 (3) I love that colour and already have a couple of items that colour in my wardrobe and I love the length, it will probably be a bit long but I don't mind taking it up.

1 - 29.99, 2 - £19.99, 3 - 16.99.
I haven't really shopped in New Look in the last few months either as I never really find anything amazing in there, I prefer it for basics but I'm surprisingly impressed with their SS11 collection, or what I've seen of it. The Scallop Trim Playsuit is right up my street and will probably wear it for going out with a pair of heels and my Topshop kimono but I'm not sure if I love it enough to spend £30 on it as it's a bit plain in the waist for me.

I've always wanted a pair of brogues and I'm finally going to invest in this pair of Black Lace Up Brogues, cute and simple. The Animal Peter Pan Tunic is such a 'blogger' thing to have right now as peter pan collars are bang on trend and you can see why, the dress is cute, simple yet perfectly detailed with the collar without being granny-ish. Again it may need taking up as I'm only little!

Topshop's SS11 on their website has really disappointed me to be honest, there's not one thing I would wear, true I will probably love some things when they're in the shop but otherwise not overly excited for the collection. The items on their  blog on the other hand lead to a much more happy Topshopper, the prints are great, they still have over-sized boyfriend blazers and their laddered knits are very 'in'

The models did well to walk in their many-a-fringed sky scraper heels and still keep their balance with their matching hugely crimped and ombre'd hair probably weighing them down and bright red lippy. the  and the swimwear was fantastic - I will definitely be styling various swim suits on my holiday, I especially love the one shown above! You can see the show here.

 So thats the round up of the shops I may or may not be investing in their SS11 collections, I don't usually look for anything so much "on trend" that everybody has because OMGZ YOU HAVE 2 HAVE EVERYTHING THATS 'IN' but things that look nice and suit me. Some items have disappointed and some have induced excitement but overall I'd say it's OK, I'm sure they will be alot better when on the rails!

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  1. heya, I checked the Topshop website to and wasn't to impressed there really isn't anything that seems to stand out shame really because sometimes you can find really nice bits that you can customize :/

  2. I think Primark really hits the nail on the head here. I think the red bag and nautical theme they have is super chic. I am not too impressed with Topshop or New Look usually either.

    Also, I want brogues, too! And good for you for dressing to suit yourself and not following trends.

  3. Love the new look dress! and cheaper than toppers as well!x

  4. I'planning these days to take a look at Primark...
    does anyone know if they have the catalogue on line?? don't find it :(


  5. I am loving the topshop ss11 line!


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