Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Big love for Emma Bridgewater

Hooraahh! Heres the post I've been promising for so long, and I must apologise again for being so absent recently! My head has not at all been straight but thanks for baring with me :)

So as you can see in my household we LOVE Emma Bridgewater (this is only a small portion of my mums collection but the heart cup & saucer are mine!!) My mum has been buying this crockery since we lived in the house I was born in. She used to keep it all under her bed - yes, the bed I was actually born in! She said she was saving it until she had her "perfect country home" which we now live in and love.

I  had only been on the Emma Bridgewater website until just before christmas when I paid the factory shop in Stoke a little visit when we went to buy my brother and his Fiancee some little goodies for the house they've just brought - yaayy finally! So me, my mum & mammar finally arrived at the shop after about a 2 hour or so drive and we were starving like marvin so we sat down in their little country style room complete with tables, sofas and a spotty aga that I had been dying to see! It truly lived up to expectations.

for lunch I had tomato & basil soup with a crusty roll that had come straight from the aga, no microwaves in sight! And it was dee-lish! After we had eaten we went on the search for the items on my brothers wish list, thankfully they had all they wanted in the seconds shop which is much much cheaper than buying from the firsts shop and usually had un-noticable imperfections anyway. A couple of my favourite collections are Black Toast and obviously the Polka Dots!

They sell everything from cups and saucers to tea towels, pens, candles and cutlery (witch costs £10 for a tea spoon, by the way!!) so i nabbed one. Wrong I know but come on..£10 SERIOUSLY?! Plus my brother told me too and I wouldn't want to be branded as a bad sister would I..Theres factory shops in London (Fullham, Marylabone & Chiswick) Edinburgh or Stoke on Trent that you can visit or many of the collections are sold in high street stores.

If you love old fashioned country style stuff with a modern twist you'll love Emma Bridgewater and I recommend you go! It's a fabulous day out and you can even paint your own item and they have it glazed for you and posted within a week! (as you can see in the last picture) this is the bowl I painted with multi-coloured hearts and "true love never dies" around the inside, aww! I hope I've converted some of you to the wonders of Emma!


  1. So lovely! I spotted that Emma Bridgwater has made a Royal Wedding mug too - I'm quite tempted for a celebratory cuppa on the day!! :-)

  2. I love Emma Bridgewater stuff so much, I bought my sister a notebook for her birthday last year and told her she had to use it as a travel journal! I also picked up a waterproof shopper bag (similar to the Cath Kidston ones) from TK Maxx back in September for EIGHT POUNDS! They're usually £25 and it's the trademark polka dots too so not even old stock, I was so impressed!
    Lovely post, so jealous of your household collection x

  3. How lovely! I love Emma Bridgewater. x

  4. i love her stuff too, i bought my mum a set of 3 spotty cake tins for xmas, it was stupidly expensive for a cake tin but i loved the pattern and i knew she wanted it


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