Thursday, 6 January 2011

Estee Lauder foundation & concealer

Left: Double Wear Concealer, Right: Double Wear Foundation

Since I started college my tutor has been banging on about her Estee Lauder foundation, she has both Double Wear & Double Wear Light so I thought I'd go to the beauty counter in Debenhams (never done it before!) And got a sample for both foundations but the lady at the counter was rather snooty so I decided to go to Boots instead and the lady was lovely.

I used both foundations (not at the same time obviously) and loved the Double Wear, the coverage was medium to high compared to the Double Wear Light being sheer to medium coverage and I like a bit more through the winter months. The lady colour matched me as Fresco in Double Wear and 2.0 in Double Wear Light.

The Double Wear cost £25 (which the vouchers I got for christmas helped pay for!) which is a tiny bit less than the Double Wear Light at £25.50 but I'd say it's worth every penny. The coverage is great, it applies really easily with a brush, the best foundation I've ever brought.

I also purchased the Double Wear Stay-In-Place Concealer in Light from the same lady on the counter in Boots, she was again very polite and friendly and colour matched for me, I just simply wanted the concealer for covering redness and it does just that! Applies really well and it's great coverage, goes really well along with the foundation and a little goes a long way which is excellent for it's £18.50 price tag so I don't feel like I'm getting scammed out of money like I do with many drug store brands.

So overall I would give the makeup a 5/5 and the experience buying it a 4/5 (they could have done with another member of staff at the counter to avoid waiting) I love my buys & will definitely be purchasing from them again, the price is rather high but fully worth it! Hope this has helped if you are in need of a new foundation/thinking of trying some Estee Lauder products!


  1. may be a silly question lol, but did you get the samples for free?! i reallly want to try double wear! XX

  2. Yeah they were totes free! & They lasted about 10 days each so if you're running low on foundation you know what to do! haha xo

  3. i recently got the foundation and concealer too. i love them both! great for providing that bit of extra coverage that lasts =) x

  4. I used to wear double wear! I'm a bit of a foundation whore though, so I swap and change a lot.

    The Double Wear powder is also very good. Good for a light make up day or over double wear for a fuller coverage.

  5. Nice review. I've never tried Estee Lauder before but I do want a new foundation. I'm glad the Boots lady was good ( I work for them haha).

  6. Best foundation, I have to agree :)


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