Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Ebay finds..

Nail Foils - Ebay

I was browsing through Ebay and saw these nail foils and thought I'd try them out as they were only £1.99 or 3 for 2! It was pretty straight forward, I just had to message the seller stating which pattern I would like out of the chart - I chose S040 but I can't find it in the list anymore..if you didn't choose a pattern you'd get a random one chosen for you!

I've had minx before on my toes and I love it! so I thought a DIY version would be great right?! wrong..couldn't be further from the mix nails I had previously. The minx works by buffing the nail until rough, getting a foil, sizing it to your nail, putting it under a UV lamp untill it goes floppy, sticking it to the nail & trimming round the edges - simples!

These DIY nail foils are basically stickers and seeing as I do minx at work I would of though I'd be quite good at applying these - not the case at all! The foils didn't fit to my nail properly, they were peeling, there was creases in them, they split at the top, they didn't stick very well so basically a big fat FAIL. no way would these have stayed on for the 11 days that the package promises..not even 11 hours - more like 11 minutes.

The reasons I would try these again is because I will admit that when I was putting them on I was in a rush so maybe I didn't apply properly or prep properly and I'd want to find a way to get them to work. They looked nice on the nail and a nice change to just nail polish, there was a large choice of patterns and colours and they were cheap as chips!

So the Ebay nail foils get a half and half..5/10!

have you ever tried the DIY nail foils? how did you find using them?


  1. Such a shame they didn't work well for you, such a lovely pattern. I'm yet to try them! xo

  2. I've been considering buying the Nails Rock nail foils but Im not too sure how they'll turn out, I've heard they're quite tricky to apply, sorry to hear your ebay ones didn't work too well, they would have been a good buy!


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